Dog Play & Press of December

Rain drops. Overhead the peregrine falcon soars. His wing span, speed and body shape unmistakeable in the cloud laden sky. A murder of crows dashes between trees, loudly vocalizing their presence.

Pitter patter of dog feet. Loki wonders at the puddles and the water dripping off his getting bigger daily paws. He shakes his body, hair not yet fully soaked, but droplets beginning to stick.

The month so quickly arrived and seems hell bent on racing toward an end. Loki 6-months old in a few days. 2021 appearing and disappearing in a blink. Following the ‘gap’ year of 2020.

I begin to ponder what was accomplished. What was left behind. What sits on the tabletop waiting my attention. Family members and friends. Did we deepen our relationships? Are we poised in kindness and richer understanding?

Loki and I finish at the park with neighbor Liz and her two dogs, Sundance and Cassidy. A romp ensues. Dog chasing dogs chasing balls chasing dogs. Warms the heart, the beauty of their untethered joy and enthusiasm. ‘Tis the season.

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