About Me

It’s been a wild ride to get to here.

ccSUP_loretoI was born and raised in Southern California and am a beach girl top to bottom. In fact, if I’m as much as 25 miles away from the ocean, I get the heebie geebies. There’s no such thing as being too close to the water.

I started keeping a diary when I was six, and switched to serious journaling when I turned twelve. At 18, I burned all my journals. Their destruction seemed like a better idea than the possibility of peering eyes of parents or ex-boyfriends.

At 18, I moved to Hawaii for perspective – as well as to meditate, surf, swim, and explore the rain forests. After a couple of years, island fever and a broken relationship, drove me back to the west coast. In any case, I was ready to further my education.

From OCC and Humboldt State, I sailed further south and completed by BA Literature at UCSD. More education at Laguna College of Art and Design, and a BFA in Visual Communications and a Certificate in Professional Screenwriting from UCLA.

I traveled as a documentary photographer for PBS “Cosmos” and headed an international marketing team of educational products. I co-wrote one of the earliest instructional software videos.

I’m a past exhibitor at Laguna Beach Festival of Arts and have earned several awards for writing, photography and design, including designation as the  Best Columnist for newspapers 10,001-25,000 circulation by the California Newspaper Publishers Association. The National Resources Defense Council honored me with a Gold Award for a book I wrote, photographed and coproducer called, “Elements”. The OC AD Federation honored me with Gold, Silver and Honorable Mention.  I also produce, edit and write for a biannual journal,“GC River Runners”.

Cooper Design Associates, my marketing communications firm has also been the recipient of design awards and recognition. Websites, Brochures, Environmental Graphics, CDs, Advertising are just a few of the areas that are the focus of the firm.

Spare time? Surfing whenever possible – and if now waves, then a SUP board will do just fine.  I’ve got a retreat home in Baja that serves as a second adventuring base.

Two marriages.  Two divorces.  Two grown sons (by husband #1).
Yep, a wild ride to get here … and I wouldn’t change a minute.


  1. Are you the mother who wrote the article aout your son Autsin that was recently published on Orange County Register”s site?

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