This is my America?

Dark days. I would like to scream, NOT MY AMERICA. But I can’t. I can scream, NOT MY CHOICE. NOT MY PLATFORM. But “We the People…” rumbles through my brain and I can’t make sense of it. Cannot figure out who these people are. How they lost their minds alongside a deranged President.

Images of Americans scaling the walls of our Capitol building. Smashing windows. Breaking through barricades to storm our legislative center.

Raving lunacy. Proclaiming a revolution. A movement fueled and fomented by lies spewed by a mentally ill man who remains in power and in the White House.

I asked myself, how can I work this morning. How to focus after yesterdays assault on Democracy. Heavy heart. Anger. Disgust. Revulsion.

Four years of watching an emotionally bankrupt madman without couth, ethics, or morals, spin lies into an altered reality, and incredulously build a base of followers. I had friends who believed in him. Supported his evisceration of environmental protections in support of corporate profits, which were never re-distributed to the down chain employees, but did create a new pack of billionaires. Supported his racism, bigotry, and misogyny. Supported his wholesale distribution of national lands, native lands, to hungry energy companies to chew up, spit out and destroy forever. Supported his health care plan. Wait – we never got one, only focused attempts to eliminate the thin lifeline to which millions of Americans with pre-existing conditions clung. Supported a reversal of hard-fought women’s right to choose

“We the people …” did not intervene.

“We the people …”

“We the people… “


  1. You’re amazing. Unbelievably talented in so many ways but the very best? That GINORMOUS heart that I get to see even though we’ve never met in person. Thank you to whoever and whatever made you into being you!

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