Afternoon Walking …

Foraging on the Pacific Coast

Walking with no destination. No particular goal except to place one foot in front of the other.
Let the mind slip freely from the ‘to do list’ and to focus on listening … seeing .. inhaling the scent of the landscape that surrounds me.

So often, caught up in the hurry to be here or there.
To get this or that completed.
To check one more thing off my needs chart.

But for a moment.
Put everything else out of my mind except for the tested adage, “Be here now.”

Laughter from across the lawn.
Chatter of two crows.
Gravel then stone then dirt then concrete.
Dog barks.
Scent of grapefruit blossoms.
Scattering of clouds.
Wet grass.
Soft roar of jet engine.
Rustle of palm fronds.
Glistening sun on small watercourse.

Heartbeat in my chest.
Yes, here. I am. Thankful.

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