Typing 101- or there is more life for a Selectric


After dreaming of  my old IBM Selectric, close encounters with typing machines have become amplified, like some kind of knock-knock homage to a vintage methods of recording thoughts. These machines pop up at unexpected places.  A Smith Corona in a pastel portable case.  A replica of the manual on which I learned to bang keys in my grandmother’s office at the Bank of America.

The masterful ‘art’ piece shown in the accompanying photograph garnered my attention on a recent road trip through Baja.  It rests – it’s final spot to be sure – on a table outside “Coco’s Corner” – an iconic stop well known to off-road racers on the still-dirt section of Mex 3.

So the Selectric as art … this one, complete with an advertisement … baking in the hot sun.  Now if only I could find a sheet of paper that might fit that roller ….

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