The love of good friends …

The lovely peonies – a gift from Emma/Cherril – belated birthday greetings joined by Lynn and Claudia. We shared champagne and food – but more than that, we shared conversation, confidences, and belly shaking laughter. Emma was walking, Lynn was happy for downtime, Claudia glad to still be on vacation. Together we spanned 15 years of varied experiences … a wealth of knowledge, shared advice, and oft times, simply witnessing and/or listening.

At the end of the day – and the end of a life – it’s friendships that matter the most. The special ones, the closest ones, the ones that you can count on in a storm, lean on when the seas are rough, and celebrate with when the sky appears filled again with rainbows.

We’re like that to one another. Besties .. (not to be confused with selfies).

As the calendar turns year to year, it’s the friendships that carry value. The commodity without a price, but price-less. I am grateful for every minute, every story, every secret, every recipe, every giggle, and every tear. I cherish each and every heart.

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