Beaver Creek Fire : August 17

Fire crews numbering 800 and 14 hot shot crews from multiple states had joined together in a concerted effort to save lives, property and homes.  As of 5:30pm, August 17, the scope of the fire is 145 square miles.  Claudia and I drove into town to run errands, pick up some groceries and were stunned when approached the Sun Valley airport.  In the night, fires had ravaged the face of Croy Creek Canyon and flames were visible on the ridge.  We parked at the Alberston’s parking lot in Hailey and watched dumb struck as flames ate trees in less than 45 seconds.  A drive further up Highway 75, watching flames on all ridges and smoldering tree stubs.  We stopped at Cottonwood Creek Circle and held our breath as a fire storm blew up the south face of Deer Creek’s timbered entrance.  The fire remains only 6% contained.

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