Heat in Early Spring!

OMG! It is sunny. It is warm/hot. We are not cold. We are in shorts and flops and bathing suits — and we are happy!

Children’s voices spill from their backyards as wading pools are filled. The Pacific is awash in sailboats, motorboats, jet skis, fishing boats and roaring cigar boats.

The beaches are packed. Bright umbrellas jockey for space between towels and volleyball players and buckets with shovels. Sand castles are built, washed away and constructed again.

Bare feet rock!

We are on the edge of summer.

My friend Lynn Brown sends me an afternoon e-mail. It reads, “I hope you are enjoying what has to be three of the prettiest days ever in Laguna…it just doesn’t get any better than this and to think, we live here.”

She is so right. I’m not even upset by the traffic or the roar of the motorcycles that echo up the canyon.

We are done with winter, or so it seems. My garden is replete with bountiful spring blooms that match the display on our local hills. The first butterfly fluttered in and the dogs are bouncing around after the fleet of migrant birds at the feeder.

I pull out catalogs for bathing suits, and I remind myself to get serious about those sit-ups and push-ups. I contemplate a yoga class.

Summer barbecues can’t be far behind. What fabulous and savory recipes can we try this year? How many new ways can we grill salmon? I can already taste sweet fresh corn and juicy red watermelon.

I think summer memories are some of the very best. They reflect times when we unburden our workload, and shuffle relaxation and fun to the front. Lemonade becomes the drink of the hour and there’s something about tuna fish sandwiches and crisp potato chips that just hits the spot.

The huge surf of a few weeks ago has mellowed into small breakers. Vintage surfers may whine, but beginning grommets, along with those trying to relearn (myself included) are happy for the smaller swell. I can only hope the water temperature follows the air temperature soon with a reasonable increase. Still pretty darn chilly for all but a fast dip without a wetsuit. Doesn’t seem to bother the skimboarders one bit.

It’s the kind of weather that begs spontaneity, like dropping in on friends. Mary Kate and Kirk Saunders (physical therapist and architect) cruised by the house yesterday afternoon in their stylish new Mini-Cooper convertible. They noticed the sun was getting low on the horizon, and as Mary Kate said, “You’ve got that great deck.”

Steve and I had nearly finished our Adolfo’s takeout (too hot to cook or too lazy to go to the grocery store — or both) when they climbed the stairs to our door. The four of us watched transfixed as the golden orb settled into a brilliant pool on the horizon of the Pacific.

We talked town, politics and the Design Review Board. And surprise — we all have great opinions! The Saunders’ shared their elation that their son Keenan, who has just moved from St. Catherine’s to Thurston, is ecstatic with the school, its programs, and all his new friends.

The Saunders leave next week for Sedona to celebrate their 18th wedding anniversary. Congratulations Mary Kate and Kirk! We guided them to a reservation at Garlands, and a dinner I know they won’t regret.

With this luxurious temperature change, the Art Festival openings can’t be far behind. The jurying is complete for all shows, and the artists are beginning to think in earnest of what to hang on their booth walls a scant 2 1/2 months from now.

Yes, the town gets crowded, but why shouldn’t it? We pride ourselves on our beautiful village and regulate nearly every aspect of building. Even as we grouse about empty storefronts and argue about how to fill them, I look around at what we have created and struggle to conserve, and I know why we fight so hard.

We have one of the most amazing downtowns in the state of California.
Pedestrian friendly streets are not dwarfed by towering structures.
Trees line the sidewalks.
Art in public places pops up like a surprise when least expected.
Ample places to shop and grab a bite make Laguna a fun place to wander.

I realize I’m hyper-chipper, but I’m warm (I know, I already said that), and it is such a joy to rip off the UGGS and throw on the flops.

Summer, I know you are right around the corner.

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